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Domestication of Foreign Judgments Obtained via Default: Attacking Personal Jurisdiction

Onello Law Group recently opposed a Domestication of Foreign Judgment that was obtained via default. An agreement between the parties, signed prior to the commencement of the foreign action, provided for exclusive jurisdiction in California.  The foreign judgment was obtained in a state on the opposite Coast. Putting aside any procedural issues with gaining the […]

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Why It Is Important to Listen To Your Attorney

Onello Law Group recently represented a Dad in a matter of unique circumstances – specifically, Dad was not aware that he had a child until several years after the child was born. Mom and Dad were never married and stopped communicating several months prior to the child’s birth and Dad’s first actual notice that he […]

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Relocation and Custody

Relocation cases usually come up when one parent wishes to move out of the state. Sometimes, the parent that wishes to relocate has primary physical custody; sometimes the non-relocating parent has primary physical custody. On occasion, our office receives calls from a parent who does not have a prior custodial order and seeks advice on […]

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Coming Soon

The Onello Law Group is pleased to announce that our Law Blog is coming soon!

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